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John Hollas, Managing Director

Phone: +1-403-444-5694

John Hollas is a Global Managing Director based in Calgary, Canada.  Since 2000 he has assisted multinational companies with analyzing and designing their transfer pricing policies and procedures (as well as preparing documentation to meet the requirements of the tax authorities) for all types of intercompany financial transactions, including loans, financial guarantees, performance-related guarantees, factoring, leasing and derivatives.  He has over 17 years experience in pricing all types of financial transactions while working in senior positions with major Canadian financial institutions.  He has also prepared expert reports and most recently provided expert testimony before the Federal Court of Australia in the case between Chevron Australia Holdings Pty Ltd (Applicant) and The Commissioner of Taxation of the Commonwealth of Australia (Respondent).


John has chaired, lectured and presented at various transfer pricing conferences and participated in the OECD's consultation process on transfer pricing (comparability and application of profit based methods).


John holds a BA in Economics and Statistics and was awarded the Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers (FICB) in 1987. 


Gordon Hands, Managing Director

Phone: +1-403-616-1864

Gordon Hands is a Global Managing Director based in Calgary, Canada. Gordon has worked in the transfer pricing field since 2001 and has specialized in transfer pricing for intra-group financial transactions since 2004.  He has experience with a wide variety of industries and has performed such services as audit defense, transfer pricing risk assessments, planning and documentation.  Gordon has also prepared and written expert analysis and reports.

Specifically, Gordon has experience dealing with such complex issues as bridge financing, subordinated and second lien loans, options, swaps and other derivative transactions and factoring transactions. 

Gordon holds a BA in Economics with Management minor.  He earned his Chartered Financial Analyst designation in the fall of 2006.


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